Gender: Male

Meet Clancy.  In March 1984 with birthday money in my pocket, I went to Southall market ( a low class livestock market) with the intention of rescuing another donkey. There were a number of donkeys (not enough money for them all I’m afraid) and decided on the saddest donkey of them all, a small skinny roan colt foal who looked about 4 months old, but was in fact 7 months. He was tied in a corner, with his ears laying back, very wet, cold and shivering and with no place to shelter. The bidding started, and for £17 he was ours. He was now in safe hands, but as he did not understand our kindness it took us ages to persuade him to walk into the trailer, he went in  backwards, so that he could still see us.We took him home to a dry stable with plenty of hay and water.

After a few weeks to adjust and with careful feeding he was still very confused and still not gaining weight, even after being wormed and deloused, plus he was showing lameness in his hind leg. The vet was called – Clancy was diagnosed as still being worm infested, so was given more treatment – his lameness was caused through a calcium deficiency, probably caused by being taken away from his mum too soon. He was treated, but we were told he would become permanently lame.

Clancy proved them wrong and the rain scald on his ears and back  (through lack of shelter) has cleared and the hair has grown back. He is now very happy and friendly.

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