Gender: Female

Meet Guinevere. She is a broken coloured jennet and was born around spring 2004.  She was bought at Barnet Horse Fair in September 2008, at the same time as Inanna. I had 2 years savings with me just in case and after 10 minutes I found what I had been looking for –  I spotted a little donkey (Inanna) tied to a lorry, grazing and not taking any notice of what was going on; I moved around to take a look and noticed a mule (the mother is a pony and the father is a donkey) tied to the same lorry. After doing a very cheeky deal for them both, we loaded the girls into the trailer and off home we went.

I had no previous information about Guineveres life and fortunately she came to us with no major health problems. She was very nervous and wary of people at first, but has improved with lots of loving attention. She first shared a stable with Inanna who became a bit bossy, so we moved her into the next stable where she is very happy.

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