Gender: Male

Meet Starlight, a broken coloured gelding, born around 1991. In 1994 we spotted him tied to the back of a lorry at Thame market, he was in a very poor condition and had a sore on the base of his tail, he was also very nervous and in such poor condition  that the auctioneers would not allow him to go through the market. We spoke to the owner to try and purchase him but he wanted more than we could afford so we took his telephone number just in case the money could be found. It was our patrons Bill & Barbara from the west end musical Starlight Express who persuaded the rest of the cast to donate the money.

We called the dealer, agreed a price and arranged to pick up Starlight . On arrival we found him in appalling conditions and we could see he was shaking. We loaded him into our trailer, settled him on a very deep bed of straw and off we went, checking on him a several times to make sure he was OK. Would you believe we broke down and had to wait for a friend to come and find us. We finally arrived home and settled him into a clean stable with hay and water. He was still very nervous but with love and kindness he slowly  began to settle. Thank you Starlight Express.

Starlight has a few major health problems now, which he is being treated for.

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