Ted Robin

Ted Robin

Gender: Male

Meet Ted Robin. He was born in 1988 and was bought by one of our supporters from Thame market who kindly handed him over to the sanctuary for safe keeping. He came over from Ireland in 1992 and was sold to a company who supplied animals to the film industry, but seemed to lack experience when dealing with a donkey. He had been used for promotional work, but when he became difficult to load into a trailer, through fear, he became of no use to them.

The company sold Ted to a dealer who bandied him around several markets looking for the highest bidder regardless of where Ted might end up. Ted was petrified of trailers and was very nervous when he came to us, but with the love and care he has received, he slowly responded although he is still very nervous of trailers.

Ted is our biggest donkey standing at 12 hands!


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