A letter from our Patron

A letter from our Patron

Dear Fellow Friends and Supporters of FOLLY’S FARM.

I was thrilled to be invited to become, along with Barbara and Bill, a patron of Folly’s Farm. Because of a young girl’s dream, its heartening to know that something like this came about bec after seeing ‘Follyfoot’ on TV so many years ago. I have not yet visited the farm as I’ve had 18 months of hospital treatments, culminating in an important operation on 24th May 2013. I hope soon to be walking again and a visit to Folly’ Farm will be one of the first things on my agenda. I am saddened that I missed meeting Rosie and Jenny but hope there’s going to be more rescued donkeys for me to fall in love with in the future. That’s all for now, but I’m sure Sue will think of something for me to do in the very near future.

Love to all you other donkey fanatics and next time I’ll tell you a bit about me and Follyfoot, but not bore you……promise.

Steve Hodson

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